Ultra Fast WordPress Sites with the Click of a Button

Airlift will instantly speed up your WordPress site and boost your Google Core Web Vitals scores. It is a complete performance solution for your website including caching, CDN, image optimization, css improvements and more.

Improve your ranking on Google

Speed is an important factor when it comes to ranking your website. AirLift will boost your Google Web Vitals score and improve your SEO.

Enhance Conversions with a Fast Website

A fast website converts significantly better than a slow one. With AirLift, you will immediately see a boost in revenues and engagement.

Better Experience for your Customers

Visitors will spend more time and visit more pages on a faster website. AirLift will improve the experience on your website and lead to more customers.

Incredibly Easy to Use without any Technical Skills

AirLift is truly a one-click solution. You do not need any technical skills or specialized coding knowledge to speed up your website. There are no complex settings or configurations. It is magical how easy it is to setup.

Complete WordPress Optimization Solution

AirLift will optimize every part of your website within minutes.

Integrated Caching Stack

Caching is essential to having a superfast site. AirLift creates a static version of your entire site. Visitors have a magical experience with pages that load instantaneously.

Asset Optimization

Airlift automatically optimizes every part of a WordPress to get the highest Core-Web Vitals Score. These optimizations have traditionally been very cumbersome and difficult to perfect. We learn from 1000s of websites to improve the performance of your site.

Complete Image Optimization Suite

Large images can slow down your website significantly. AirLift automatically optimizes your images so that you have a website that loads instantaneously. We ensure the best image performance.

Personalized Support from Experts

Our team of experts are available to provide timely assistance with any queries you may have. With personalized support based on your website, our powerful plugin and our support team will give you the best experience possible.

Incredibly easy to setup with no manual configuration

Install the Plugin on your site

AirLift will automatically configure the plugin

Your website is now ultra-fast.

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