Bots and Brute-force Attacks  are slowing down your site

MalCare is the only security plugin which makes your site faster. It proactively blocks bad bots from eating your website’s resources.

MalCare's WordPress bot protection will block bad bots

Brute-force Attack are hacking your site

Bots flood your site with XMLRPC and WP-Login requests to try and crack your password. MalCare’s WordPress bot protection will block such spambots automatically protecting your site.

Bots are increasing your hosting bill

Hosting companies charge you for all the resources being used by bots. By blocking them out, you can reduce your hosting bill

Bots are stealing your content and sharing with your competitors

Bots scrape your website and share their findings which are used by your competitors to improve their own SEO. MalCare’s WordPress bot protection blocks out such bots and protects your precious IP.

Other unbeatable WordPress bot protection features

Spam comments pollute your websites

MalCare will block spam bots which constantly attack your site with frivolous comments polluting your website and adding to your operational work.

No more manually blocking IP Addresses

Other Security plugins make you blacklist bots manually. This is a tedious process. MalCare’s WordPress spam bot protection solves this for you by intelligently blocking bad bots automatically.

Good bots such as Google are automatically allowed

Not all bots are bad. Google, Facebook, Feedly and more bots are valuable to your site. We will let them through so you do not lose any benefits.

“When it comes to website security, malcare surely does the job.”

It gives complete website security against malware, bot attacks and any other vulnerability. I have used other security plugins also but no one beats MalCare

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