MalCare's website backup

Incremental Backups for High Performance Websites

Rest assured with MalCare’s automatic, offsite backups, and restore your websites before your clients spot any problems.

Reliable Website Backups to Deal With the Worst Case Scenarios

Incremental Backups which don’t slow down your site

High Performance Websites can’t afford to have their backup plugins slowing them down. With Incremental Backups minimal load is placed on your site.

Easily backup extremely large sites

MalCare’s website backup service can backup sites of any size. There are no timeouts or errors taking up all your time.

Encrypted Redundant Storage of all your data

Our backups are stored using industry standard encryption to keep multiple copies of your sites in offsite locations.

“I compare this to an insurance policy.”

It has done a one-click malware removal nicely, and I’m using the backups every now and then when someone has messed up a site; very easy restore.

Paul Lacey,
‍WordPress Designer

A Website Backup is only as good as its Restore

Easily Restore sites with the click of a button

With MalCare backups, you can restore a site even if has completely crashed. Restores are as easy and reliable as the rest of MalCare.

Restores are quick even for large sites

Restoring sites can be time consuming, especially if they are even a few GBs in size. We let you restore sites quickly with our highly optimized process.

Revert a plugin update or theme

Most sites crash during a plugin or theme update. Now you can revert just that one plugin which caused your site to go down.

Additional features of WordPress Backups

Migrate your site to a new host or domain

We make it easy to migrate your site to a new webhost or even let you migrate from a staging environment to a live one.

Keep 365 days of backups

We store months of website backups, catalogued in structured way letting you go back in time and recovering any data that may have been lost.

Give your website 360 degree protection and get complete peace of mind

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